As a PIECP participant, OnShore Resources is located on the grounds of a pre-release correctional facility, which means that all of our employees are eligible for parole within two years. To be considered for a position with our company, inmates must meet the following requirements:

  • Possess a high school diploma or equivalent
  • Have no history of infractions within the facility for the previous six months
  • Exhibit positive motivation and willingness to learn

When OnShore Resources has a job opening, applicants are carefully screened and go through an interview process. Just as in the free world, the best candidate is offered the position.

Competition for positions with OnShore Resources is keen, and there is always a lengthy waiting list for applicants. Our employees are highly motivated to do quality work for a number of reasons. One is simply that they don’t take their jobs for granted. As one of our employees offered, "We are very thankful for our jobs. Of the total prison population, we are less than 1/10 of one percent who actually have a chance to learn some skills and save some money. So we are all very conscientious about doing our jobs right. We can be quickly replaced by all the other guys who would love to come work here. So more so, I think, than in the free world, we pay attention to what we’re doing and try to do the very best work we can."

Another reason our employees do such good work is that they appreciate the opportunity to learn marketable skills while earning a wage. The benefit of work training and experience is well-understood. And what does it mean to them to earn income? As one machine operator said recently, "I’m able to help out my family by sending them some money. I’m not dependent upon them to survive. With these jobs, the burden isn’t so much of a strain on our families – financially, anyway. And that’s a great opportunity for us."

Another employee added, "I can buy birthday presents for my two little girls. I couldn’t do that otherwise."

And finally, we at OnShore Resources won’t settle for anything less than the highest quality workmanship. We provide ongoing training and supervision for our employees. We let them know we expect quality work, and are seldom disappointed.

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