OnShore Resources is a woman-owned business specializing in contract manufacturing. We are UL Certified and our services include PCB assembly, cable and wiring harness assembly, mechanical subassemblies,
kitting, box build, and other labor intensive assembly projects.

There's no doubt about it: going offshore can reduce your cost of manufacturing. But here is an equally true fact: OnShore Resources' unique status as a PIECP participant often allows us to offer our customers cost savings for their manufacturing projects. Some companies find that when they examine the real costs of assembly overseas - including quality issues, transportation expense and additional logistical considerations - the pricing and capabilities offered by OnShore Resources come out on top.

Smaller companies that don't have the high volumes and stable schedules required for offshore manufacturing are often left with few options for reducing their costs. So you'll be glad to know that OnShore Resources specializes in low to mid-volume contracts. We offer cost savings to companies of any size, whether small or large. Have production schedules that start and stop? Need materials management? You'll find OnShore Resources has all the flexibility and capability you need.

Our diverse client list includes companies that manufacture medical training devices, weather radar systems, commercial lighting, security systems, and remote monitoring units. Chances are we can help you, too.

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