In today's highly competitive business environment, more and more American companies are choosing to utilize offshore labor for manufacturing. Outsourcing is a good business decision that relieves companies of fixed overhead costs. However, sending work to foreign countries deprives Americans of jobs and creates adverse economic effects.

Now there's a domestic outsourcing solution that offers manufacturing cost savings, while providing tremendous benefits to our communities.

OnShore Resources specializes in labor-intensive manufacturing and operates as a participant in the Prison Industry Enhancement Certification Program (PIECP). The U.S. Congress created PIECP in 1979 to encourage states to provide employment opportunities for inmates that approximate private sector work opportunities. Under PIECP, private companies are allowed to locate their businesses on prison property, then train and hire a certain number of qualified inmates who have chosen to participate in the program. All PIECP employees earn a prevailing wage, which is the wage paid in the surrounding locale for similar work. From this income, inmates pay taxes and child support, contribute to the Crime Victims Compensation Fund, and also pay a portion of their room and board. Inmate employees benefit from twenty percent. Upon release, money saved by inmate employees while working at OnShore Resources can be used to assist them in establishing residence and providing for themselves while seeking employment.

Research shows that the vast majority of inmates who participate in PIECPs and acquire marketable skills do not return to prison, and successfully reintegrate into society.

When you work with a PIECP such as OnShore Resources, everyone benefits. Companies enjoy superior quality products from a well-trained and highly motivated work force. Taxpayers bear less of the cost of inmate incarceration. Victims receive restitution and compensation. Children and families of inmates receive ongoing financial support. Jobs remain in the United States, and communities grow healthier as lives are reclaimed.

Choose OnShore Resources as your contract manufacturing partner, and you'll be helping a lot more than your bottom line.

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